Former Dolphins Dan Marino, Damon Huard are Passing Time with wine venture

Feb 19, 2019 629

BY: Safid Deen

When they weren’t studying game film and breaking down opponents as Miami Dolphins teammates, Dan Marino and Damon Huard were busy devising their game plans for life after football. Rifle Arm, Deep Post and Dame and Daniel were names of potential wines and wineries doodled on their notes in the quarterback room before their vision became a reality.

Marino and Huard settled on Passing Time, a Washington State-based winery, which produced its first vintage Cabernet Sauvignon in 2012, released in 2015. And for the last five years or so, it’s been bottoms up for Marino and Huard on their new venture, which was introduced during a South Florida launch event for friends, family and former teammates on Saturday night at Hard Rock Stadium.

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