Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant Lending a Hand to Local Schools and…

Nov 08, 2018 909

Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant is now offering a discounted rate on its banquet rooms for local schools and nonprofits. “We will also waive any audio-visual fees associated with hosting any events,” said Chris Wegner, owner of Ernesto’s Italian Restaurant, which recently replaced all its plastic straws with hay straws in order to protect the environment.

An avid supported of the community, Ernesto’s regularly donates gift vouchers to local schools and nonprofits for auctions. The revered Italian restaurant is also always open to hosting fundraising events, and donates a portion of the funds from those events to schools and nonprofits. “I was raised here and went to school here, so I love being able to give back and offer support in any way I can,” added Wegner. “Ernesto’s is open to partnerships with any local schools and/or nonprofits.”

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