The Art of Making Fresh Pasta | With Chef Ivano Centemeri

Feb 06, 2020 609

BY: Priya Hutner

Pots clank as steam rises from large vessels on the stove of the massive commercial kitchen. Bags of flour and cartons of eggs are laid out on work tables along with an array of pasta; beautiful handmade pasta in numerous shapes and forms.

Executive Chef Ivano Centemeri of The Row in Reno, Nev., greets the small group of people invited to learn the art of pasta in the main kitchen of Eldorado Casino Resort. Centemeri moved to the states from Italy in 1995; he was recruited by Eldorado founder Don Carano. He shares his passion for cooking and creating in his master class series, as well as overseeing 24 restaurants, convention services and special events.

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