Love and Carnevale at Gianna

Feb 03, 2022 334

Gianna is offering a special Mardi Gras menu throughout February. In addition, Chef de Cuisine Jared Heider will serve a four-course menu for two on Valentine’s Day and a four-course family-style Mardi Gras lunch on Friday, February 25. The special four-course Mardi Gras menu starts with Venice street food of fried stuffed olives. The second course is a traditional Carnival dish from Ivrea, Fagioli Grassi, which translates to fat beans.

The next course is a classic Carnival lasagna from Naples. The final course is an Italian Carnival favorite, zeppole, or Italian doughnut. “We are so excited to offer this fun menu for Mardi Gras,” said Chef Jared. “It’s something you can enjoy any time of the day, before a parade, after a parade, or during the parade. We’re so close to the St. Charles route, and we’d love to see you!” The Mardi Gras menu is $65 per person.

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