Move Over Fried Chicken: Italian Cuisine Reigns as Kentucky’s Best Fast Food

Jun 18, 2023 748

It turns out the best fast food in Kentucky, doesn't involve fried chicken. Recently created a list of the best fast food restaurants by state.  I would have bet money that Kentucky's best fast food would have been Kentucky Fried Chicken, I mean Kentucky is literally in the name. KFC actually started in North Corbin, Kentucky, and was first franchised in 1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah.   

So when scrolling through the list of "Best Fast Food by State"  I would have bet MONEY that the pick for Kentucky was the Colonel, but it wasn't.  It turns out the fast food that was named the best in the Bluegrass state, has an Italian twist to it. It's true, you learn something new every day, and I had no idea that Fazolis began in Kentucky. 

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