Meet the pizzaioli of Atlanta

May 17, 2022 108

BY: Angela Hansberger

While it is commonplace around the globe, pizza-making began hundreds of years ago in the narrow alleys of Naples, Italy. Pizzaioli (pizza makers) in Atlanta continue the tradition, with the same simple ingredients used in the past, cooked in ovens that are the heart of their pizzerias.

Jeff Varasano, Varasano’s Pizzeria

If it’s not too hectic, Jeff Varasano will make diners a four-flavors pizza tasting, walking guests through the history of pizza while creating flavor combinations that are earthy, citrusy, spicy, meaty or vegan. His natural sourdough starter ferments for 4 to 7 days, and his quest for the perfect pizza-making methodology made his recipe an online sensation. 

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