A taste of the old country: Annual tomato jarring event now a highly anticipated weekend for South Shore family

Aug 28, 2021 430

BY: Carol Ann Benanti

A time-honored family tradition for generations that originated in the old country, canning or jarring tomatoes is a much anticipated custom that many of Italian descent have enjoyed since childhood. Considered a labor of love, the two-day process is usually reserved for a weekend when it’s easier for family members of all ages to gather to partake in the fun and fab endeavor.

And for those who’ve never tried it, it’s never too late to invent or reinvent the family project. Last August, the Ferraioli-Ingravallo families’ inaugural tomato processing weekend kicked off on the Tottenville veranda of Pat and Jo Ferraioli, the site where kinfolk returned for the “really big” event this year.

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SOURCE: https://www.silive.com

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