Taste Italy's Piedmont region at San Carlo Osteria in SoHo

Mar 08, 2016 726

Northwestern Italy's Piedmont region is best known for its wines and the zippy little Fiat that all other tiny cars aspire to. But there's also Fassone beef, made from a special breed of cattle whose double-muscled meat is prized for its lean tenderness, white truffles from Alba and a buttery take on fondue called bagna cuada.

Six Piedmont natives, three of them having made the leap to NYC, just opened San Carlo Osteria Piemonte in SoHo to showcase their homeland's cuisine in a modern, 50-seat dining room designed by the team behind Momofuku Má Pêche. A mural of the restaurant's namesake plaza in Turin spans the restaurant's back wall, with brick and brass contrasts to bring the Italian menu into an updated setting.

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Source: http://www.metro.us/

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