Sfogliatelle: What it is and how Staten Island pronounces it

Jul 06, 2015 1446

Hankering for sfogliatelle? If you're from Staten Island or Brooklyn, you have come to love these flaky, crackling Italian pastries wrapped around a ricotta cheese-based filling. You may ask for these as "Zvoy-Uh-Dell." Or, is that Sa-foy-ya-tella? Mammadelle!

"Sfogliatelle is plural for sfogilatella," says Dr. Lucia Colletti, a Castleton Corners chiropractor who hails from Sicily. "The dessert is actually from Campania." There are two kinds of sfogliatelle, according to chef and Sicilican cookbook author Rosetta Constantino: ricce and frolle.

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Source: http://www.silive.com/

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