Owner of the beloved Rocco (finally) opens second restaurant on Monroe Avenue

Jun 21, 2019 253

BY: Tracy Schuhmacher

Mark Cupolo has been contemplating a follow-up to his beloved restaurant, Rocco, for a more than a decade now. A major reason for the wait: he wanted it to be on the same block of Monroe Avenue near downtown.  Finally, all of the elements have aligned — a cool space, a talented chef and a unique concept. The end result is Rella, housed in a wedge-shaped space on a corner, three doors down from his cozy Italian restaurant. The combination oyster bar and wine bar focuses on small plates that showcase fresh seafood shipped overnight from Boston. 

“I worked in Boston for many years," Cupolo said. "This cuisine … is something I’m very familiar with.” Like Rocco, the setting is intimate. A triangular bar parallel to the shape of the room seats 16 or so. A long window seat is available for those enjoying a glass of wine or waiting for a seat at the bar.

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SOURCE: https://eu.democratandchronicle.com

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