Now that Gruttadauria’s is closed, where to get Italian cookies and more

Jan 15, 2019 357

BY: Tracy Schuhmacher

Now that Gruttadauria's Bakery has closed in Greece, and is heading for California, its loyal Rochester customers are bemoaning the loss of their favorite baked goods.  The Italian cookies. The rainbow cookies. The rum cake. The cannoli. These aren't just baked goods. They are the flavors of special memories — of weddings, celebrations and holidays. The silver lining is that come February, you will be able to order some of them from the bakery in California.

The alternative: Keep an open mind and taste buds, and check out the other Rochester bakeries, many steeped in Italian-American heritage, that crank out the traditional Italian favorites that were made by Gruttadauria's. Here are some of the bakeries around town where you can find the cookies and some other goodies.


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