Ciro Iovine, a Neopolitan in New York

Aug 23, 2021 309

BY: Andrew Cotto

Born and raised in the heart of Naples, Italy, Ciro Iovine is a Vesuvius of enthusiasm. A man of 39 years with a shiny dome and shining eyes, he began the craft of a pizzaiolo at the age of 13 after his father gave him two choices: school or work. After mastering the trade in the cradle of pizza civilization, young Ciro traveled around Europe making pies and Neapolitan cuisine and eventually to the Cayman Islands.

While on a vacation from the Caribbean in New York, he fell in love with the city and decided to stay. While making pizzas in Westchester, he fell in love with Austria Maldonado and decided, with her encouragement, to pursue his dream of opening his own pizzeria. 

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