A 127-year-old Little Italy's pastry shops is famous for struffoli, a classic Neopolitan dessert, during the holidays

Dec 07, 2019 2369

BY: Taryn Varricchio and Nicole Raucheisen

New York City's Little Italy is a fraction of what it used to be, but one surviving bakery is still thriving. It's the main attraction on Grand Street in Lower Manhattan, and it's a staple for Italian pastries. You'll find many traditional desserts, but none more popular than struffoli during the holidays. This is Ferrara's, and it's been making the best holiday struffoli in New York for over 100 years.

I heard of Ferrara's as a young child. Been coming back ever since, that's about 60 years now. It's an iconic institution that is one of the few remnants left of the neighborhood, and it's great that it can continue. It is cold in Little Italy today, but we're heading to one of the most famous places in this neighborhood. Ferrara's is known for tons of classic pastries, from cannolis to tiramisu to rainbow cookies, but especially struffoli around the holidays. 

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SOURCE: https://www.insider.com

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