Marblehead’s Casa Mia: A Home Away From Home

Aug 23, 2015 560

by Elise Balzotti

In Italian, Casa Mia translates to "My Home," and for both Marblehead's chic and trendy and the local fishermen alike, home is where you'll be at once you enter this new Calabrese eatery. Twenty-five year old Raffaele Scalzi and his brother Luigi (Gino) Scalzi, opened the brand new restaurant on July 1, and have already been met with unparalleled success. Nestled alongside The Barrelman and the hopping Five Corners Kitchen, Casa Mia is a stellar contribution to Marblehead's catalog of dining locations.

I arrived at Casa Mia with a particular curiosity, anxious to see what such young culinary entrepreneurs had to offer. After all, most of the locales I've reviewed thus far have been well-established, longstanding businesses.

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