Let your taste buds do the traveling

May 27, 2020 488

Taking a trip isn't in the cards right now, but our taste buds can make us feel like we've traveled thousands of miles. A slice of pizza from Pizzarino may, for a moment, make you feel like you're in Italy. If you ask the owner, there's no reason to stop with pizza when "he knows a guy" who can serve you some good sauce, too.

Authentic Italian cuisine in a city known for seafood at Pizzarino and Paciarino. Pizzarino opened in 2018 and has been serving wood-fired pizza since. Paciarino was here first, making homemade pasta and sauce for the last twelve years. "I want to give the Italian experience," said Mauro Stoppani, the owner of Pizzarino. "My family is back home in Italy, my friends are back home in Italy."

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SOURCE: https://www.newscentermaine.com

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