Zio Johno's expanding in Iowa City and beyond

May 23, 2019 466

BY: Isaac Hamlet

Zio Johno's is growing in more ways than one. The Italian restaurant plans to relocate this summer, implementing a model for the company to use in its national expansion. In Iowa City, the Italian restaurant will relocate from 953 S. Riverside Drive to the space on Highway 1 where Paul's Discount used to be. This new location will also operate as a base for future locations.

“We’ve been legal to franchise for awhile," said Zio Johno's corporate manager Danielle Tiegen. "We’ve been holding back because we want to show the people that are interested a model."  When the old Paul's Discount space became available, Tiegen and company owner Eli Khairallah jumped at the opportunity. Though the exact floor plan is still being determined, it will be a more open space than the current location.

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SOURCE: https://eu.press-citizen.com

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