The Philosophy of Hospitality and Wine with Quality Italian's Lucas Simonis

Jul 12, 2018 354

Quality Italian, the relatively new Italian steakhouse in Cherry Creek has become known for its elegantly prepared, meat-heavy menu, sophisticated ambiance and refined service. Since opening in March 2017 the spot has rapidly established itself as a Cherry Creek favorite, garnering a growing flock of dedicated regulars, some even taking the time to stop in on a daily basis.

In order for a restaurant to not only be successful but to flourish, every aspect of the business needs to shine independently. But to be truly exceptional, the interaction between staff, ambiance, drink and food must surpass the sum of the parts. Enter bar manager Lucas Simonis, who in addition to keeping the place stocked with top-notch spirits, helps to facilitate the synergistic interaction between each element. Motivated by a deep and long-standing love for hospitality, he and his passionate team serve innovative cocktails and well-selected Italian and American wine fit for the sturdy cuisine.

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