Iron Chef America judge, Mario Rizzotti, makes a stop in Sioux City during U.S. Italian food tour

Sep 01, 2016 362

By Christina Grijalva

A little bit of Italy was in Siouxland Wednesday. Culinary Expert and 'Iron Chef America' judge, Mario Rizzotti, is cooking his way across the Midwest and that includes Sioux City. Farmers and vendors set up shop every Wednesday and Saturday for the farmer's market, but this Wednesday included a special guest walking around, as part of his 'Love of Italian Food Tour.' Rizzotti is educating people in the community about the difference between authentic Italian food versus the American Italian.

"It's a tour that I'm doing through the United States of America to educate people about the authenticity of Italian food," said Rizzotti. "The authenticity of Italian ingredients and also the healthy aspect of using Italian ingredients in your cuisine." What better place to check out healthy ingredients than at the Sioux City farmers market. Rizzotti walked around and talk to many vendors about their local produce.

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