Denver's Liberati is Specializing in Wine-Beer Hybrid You've Probably Never Had Before

Dec 18, 2018 771

BY: Josh Klasco

Liberati Osteria & Oenobeers is an Italian experience the likes of which Denver has never seen. Owner Alessandro (Alex) Liberati was born and raised in Rome where he opened his first restaurant, Brasserie 420 (older and wiser, he now has some regrets about the name) when he was only 22.

Since then, Liberati kept his pedal to the metal in the Roman food scene and played a key role in the evolution of Italian craft beer. Liberati has brought executive chef Marta Biasotti and executive baker Federica Ansani with him to Denver. The team made their way to Colorado after joining forces with artist and Denver beer veteran Paul Vismara — who wrote the book on Italian Craft Beer — to bring a modern take on an Italy that is no longer the old country.

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