Stella Cheese Goes Back to Italian Roots, Launches Import Collection

Jan 14, 2022 398

With its 100th year on the horizon, Stella® Cheese is reflecting upon what made it the star of Italian cheese in the first place: its full-flavored, traditional recipes. To prepare for its milestone birthday, the brand is going back to its roots to reintroduce two beloved classics that have stood the test of time: PDO-certified Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheeses imported from northern Italy.

Celebrating 100 Years of Tradition

The Stella® brand’s rich history dates back to 1923, when Italian diplomat, Count Bolognesi, began making authentic parmesan cheese on a small farm on Lake Nebegamon in Northern Wisconsin, in partnership with a master cheesemaker from Italy. The cheese quickly caught the fancy of the locals, who appreciated the authentic Italian taste, and continued to grow in popularity as the years went on.

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