Q&A with Laura T. Wilson of La Dolce Vita

Sep 05, 2016 954

This month, we sat down with Laura T. Wilson, chef and restaurant owner. Laura told us all about her professional training, how her European experiences influence her food, and shares a recipe for her Perfect Red Sauce. Read on for more about Laura and all that La Dolce Vita has to offer!

1. We know from your bio that you're a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Do you have any unique cooking tips you can share?

There are a few differences in the way I cook vs. the way the internet or television has you follow recipes. One example is that I never use sea salt or kosher salt in baking unless I am making a salted caramel dessert, and then that would be a good sea salt.

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Source: http://www.thedailymeal.com/

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