Keep the ghouls at bay with Figure Eight's Vampire Slayer burger

Oct 22, 2019 304

Garlic helps fend off the vampires, or so the belief goes. Or the bad breath may just make your friends want to keep their distance. Garlic and much more is packed into the Vampire Slayer burger served at Figure Eight Brewing, 150 S. Washington St. The hefty peppercorn burger comes stacked with roasted garlic mayo, tomato relish and a parmesan blend crisp, all packed together in a pretzel bun. Although the dish is available year-round, it's a perfectly fitting selection for October.

Various sides can also be added on to the order, from kettle chips to fruit salad. With a dish as delicious as this, mac n' cheese is a worthy companion. When the selection is brought out, the enticing scents waft upward from the plate. Each bite of the burger proves superbly scrumptious. The tenderness of the meat is a good combo with the pretzel bun's crunch. The blend of garlic, mayo and relish delivers a pleasant zing. As for the mac n' cheese, it's a tasty blend of cheesy, gooey goodness.

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