Italian eatery on cusp of arriving at Lansing’s east side

Mar 31, 2019 363

BY: Dennis Burck

Pending light renovations, Tannin’s new home in the former Tabooli building will likely open within the next month. The upscale Italian eatery left Okemos in November to start work on its new east side Lansing home. Though it plans to keep its original Okemos upcycled tables and traditional dishes, the restaurant’s prime focus for the new location is more items spanning a more inclusive price range.

Executive chef Nick Fila said he is excited to get back to work in the kitchen. He is currently finishing up grout work in the restaurant’s renovated bathroom. “I’ve been doing a lot of general paperwork for employees. I’ve been trying to do the more HR kind of stuff. I’ve also been writing new recipes and coming up with a new menu.”

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