Food Network's Jeff Mauro Wants Us to Come On Over and Gather Around the Table as a Family Again—Pups included

Jul 21, 2021 428

BY: Rebecca Angel Baer

In the very week that the entire country was shutting down as COVID-19 spread across U.S. soil, Jeff Mauro was holed up in an Airbnb with his wife, photographer, and food stylist to capture photos for his upcoming cookbook, Come On Over. As the title might suggest, its original intention was all about gathering together, having friends and family over and share a meal.

The celebrity chef recalled to Southern Living, "we were watching the world essentially lock down day by day and it was palpable, it was scary." Adding "And by the time I handed in the book we were knee deep in the pandemic and I was like 'is this even? What's going to happen? Is the book going to get lost because no one is ever coming over again?" 

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