Donavito’s evolves into a barbecue, catering mecca

Apr 05, 2019 352

You do not have to travel to St. Louis, Kansas City or Nashville to sample locally sourced and slowly smoked barbecue. The tastes of the south reside in our own backyard, at Donavito’s in Struthers. “My barbecue is all wood fire (smoked),” Donavito’s owner and executive chef Alan Donatelli said. “I put 10 hours into a slab of ribs. With what I’m doing, I sold 20,000 pounds of ribs last year, and I’m an Italian restaurant. It’s something I had to put on the menu.”

What if those ribs, along with chicken, pork and brisket, were smoked in your backyard? Donavito’s does it. “I’ll come up on-site with one of my smokers,” Donatelli said. “I’ve got one sitting back here, and I can put 1,000 pounds of meat on it. Coming onto someone’s property and smoking there, cooking there. There’s nothing like it.”

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