Casetta Kitchen knows how to make a sandwich shine

Apr 04, 2017 942


The Italian-American deli Casetta Kitchen and Counter makes some of the most extraordinary sandwiches in Madison. It’s hard to beat its turkey sandwich. The breakfast and lunch spot opened Feb. 16 on West Washington Avenue, where Bluephies Downtown Deli used to be. It’s on the ground floor of an office building that is home to Sonic Foundry, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Madison Symphony Orchestra, among others. Those folks have it made after going for two years with no restaurant there.

Casetta Kitchen is versatile and does many things well, starting with strong, rich coffee; flaky, buttery, homemade scones ($3); and large, reasonably priced egg sandwiches ($6) with fluffy eggs, crunchy bacon and melted cheddar on a soft and hardy roll. What’s nice about eating lunch here is that customers can order half or whole sandwiches, and the sandwiches are piled high and are plenty filling.

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