Where to Eat (and Shop) in the Italian Market: The Ultimate Guide

Aug 24, 2019 469

Unless you go there all the time, Philly’s Italian Market is probably not what you’re thinking it is. Sure, you can still pick up some fresh produce here during the day and a plate of spaghetti at Villa de Roma. But the neighborhood has been changing for years (maybe one day its name will change, too).

Lately, it is one of Philly’s most eclectic foodie hubs — a place where the tacos are just as much of a draw as the pastas, where one of the city’s best new Thai restaurants operates next door to a fifth-generation Italian restaurant. And while yes, there’s always been some debate over what boundaries to put on the “Italian Market neighborhood” in Philly, for this guide we’re limiting it solely to 9th Street, between Fitzwater and Wharton Streets.

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SOURCE: https://www.phillymag.com/

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