The West Virginia Restaurant Bakery With Italian Roots That Date Back To 1914

Dec 30, 2021 540

Way back more than a century ago, in the year 1914, a brand new bakery opened in Clarksburg, West Virginia: Tomaro’s Bakery. It brought authentic Italian flavors all the way across the ocean to Appalachia. Decades later, it's the oldest Italian bread bakery in West Virginia, and it still serves up some of the best breads and baked goods to be found in the whole Mountain State.

And Tomaro's hasn't forgotten its Italian roots. The current owners, fourth-generation bakers who grew up in this very bakery that was founded by their great grandfather, still coordinate certain supplies, like anise seed at Easter time, to be sent all the way from Italy by members of their extended family who still live on the Italian Peninsula. 

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