Philadelphia business owners gear up for new tariffs on Italian imports

Feb 08, 2020 246

BY: Hadas Kuznits

A group of Philadelphia business owners gathered Thursday to discuss the impact of additional tariffs authorized by the World Trade Organization on Italian products imported by the United States. Emilio Mignucci with DiBruno Bros. explains, many European exports this year, including cheese, wine and olive oil, were slapped with tariffs in retaliation for the illegal subsidy of Airbus, a competitor of American company Boeing, by a number of European countries.

"Airbus is a company in Europe that builds planes," said Mignucci. "Well, Boeing had that market. And the EU, except for Italy, they subsidized Airbus. So if Airbus was not subsidized back in 2002-2003, Boeing would still be doing the business, and their business tax would be going to the United States."

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