Jimmy Sunseri is Pittsburgh's invaluable greeter

Feb 17, 2020 269

Did you actually get to the bank?” “Nope. Just to the flower stand.” Jimmy Sunseri never tires of this exchange whose punchline is a foregone conclusion. “The big joke here is I’ll say I’m going to the bank and be back in 15 minutes. [The cashier] will say, ‘See you in an hour’,” said Jimmy, with his signature unlit cigar stuffed into one cheek.

He and his brother, Nino, are co-owners of the eponymous Jimmy & Nino Sunseri Co. and descendants of Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. fame. The Sunseri family’s presence in the Strip District is approaching the 120-year mark. It’s a milestone that has been accompanied by a certain amount of notoriety, the kind that turns a simple errand into a social event for the 68-year-old Jimmy and makes him a solid contender to be depicted on a Pittsburgh Mount Rushmore.

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SOURCE: https://www.post-gazette.com

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