Italian count delights the Cape Region with exceptional wines

May 21, 2019 275

BY: Bob Yesbek

One of the perks of writing and talking about restaurants is the occasional invitation I receive to attend events that pair food with wine. Or beer. Or bourbon. Or scotch. Or tequila, rum … or even mead. You get the idea - if I attended them all, I’d be in ‘round-the-clock detox. 

But some of these generous invites are hard to turn down, and last weekend’s wine dinner at Fish On was one of those. I was pleased to share a table not only with Italian winemaker, hotelier, restaurateur (and Count) Manfredo di San Bonifacio, but also Paul Karp, whose Vintage Imports company made it possible for us to enjoy Manfredo’s wines here in the United States. SoDel Concepts’ corporate sommelier Mike Zygmonski was in attendance, along with longtime Cape Region entrepreneur, restaurateur - and birthday girl - Alison Blyth. These are the sort of invitations that we lowly scribes dare not turn down. 

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