Chatting Cheese and More with Emilio Mignucci of Philly’s Di Bruno Bros

May 05, 2020 349

BY: Kristine Jannuzzi

South Philadelphia’s iconic Italian Market is the oldest operating open-air market in the country, and no trip there is complete without a visit to Di Bruno Bros, with its extensive selection of cheeses, cured meats, antipasti, olives, and much more. Founded by Italian immigrants Danny and Joe Di Bruno in 1939 as a humble grocery store, Di Bruno Bros. has evolved into a Philadelphia culinary institution.

Third-generation owner Emilio Mignucci explains that his grandfather and great uncle decided to turn the store into a cheese shop after Danny returned from his first trip back to Italy in the 1960s. Mignucci, together with his brother and his cousin, took the reins when their grandparents were ready to retire in 1990, and at that time, the shop carried around 40 cheeses. 

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