A special edition of Gala Italia for the revival of Italian wine in the USA

Nov 11, 2012 1510

On Friday, December 7th in the splendid setting of The Pierre Hotel, exhibiting the best of Italian wines.

New York, July 24 -- A special edition of the Gala Italia dedicated to superior Italian wines is among the initiatives that the Italian Wine & Food Institute is organizing to further promote Italian wines in the American market.
This will be a high-level initiative that will include the participation, in highly selective and limited numbers, of the most prestigious Italian wineries with the presence of their owners, who will offer some of their finest wines.
The "Gala Italia: Special Edition" will be held on Friday, December 7, 2012 in the elegant Ballroom of The Pierre Hotel, where, approximately thirty years ago, one of the first initiatives of the famous campaign to affirm Italian wines in the USA took place.
In announcing the "Gala Italia: Special Edition", Lucio Caputo, President of the Italian Wine & Food Institute, underlined the great importance of an event that distances itself from the plethora of modest, frequent initiatives, many of which not only fail to contribute to the success of Italian wine, but often damage and diminish its image.
This "Gala Italia: Special Edition" will be entirely dedicated to grand Italian wines of prominent vintages and will serve to give prestige to the best national wines, placing them at levels they deserve.
"The time is right," Caputo said, "to restore the proper order of Italian wines in the market by bringing them to the forefront and to distinguish them from the mass of competing wines of less substance."
The "Gala Italia: Special Edition" is part of a new market approach to better respond to the new demands of Italian wines in the U.S. market and it follows the recent event, "The Wonderful Summer Wines from Italy".
For more information: Italian Wine & Food Institute - Tel.: 212 867 4111; E-mail: iwfi@aol.com

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