Pollara Pizza Brings Rome by the Slice to Fourth Street

Nov 08, 2019 488

BY: Katherine Hamilton

It should come as no surprise that pizza is serious business in Italy. And when most of us think of Italian-style pizza, we think of a steering wheel-sized personal pizza hot out of a wood-fired oven, its thin crust flecked with crunchy, burnt spots.

This kind of pizza that Americans so frequently associate with Italy is Neapolitan-style pizza, and for good reason: Pizza as we know it today originated in Naples. But pizza, like so many other foods, is regional. In the United States, we've got New York thin crust, Detroit-style square pizza, and Chicago deep dish, and if the East Bay were to have a definitive pizza style, it'd probably be the veggie-topped pizzas from the Cheese Board, Arizmendi, and Sliver.

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SOURCE: https://m.eastbayexpress.com

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