Pizza: feminine, plural

Feb 19, 2019 444

Saturday, March 9, 10am-12.45pm. Bite Unite, 600 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Buy Tickets here. Italian Cultural Institute Members $ 35 | General Public $ 50. PROMO Become a member of the Institute and save! $ 70 (Lesson + membership fee). Culinary class in Italian contemporary pizza: flour, dough and toppings "Made in Italy"

During their visit to San Francisco eight women, extraordinary ambassadors of the art of pizza, offer a lesson on today's Italian pizza, its flours, dough and seasoning to celebrate International Women's Day. Francesca Romana BarberiniGiovanna Baratella, Marina Orlandi, Enrica Causa, Claudia Tosello,Eleonora Massaretti, Petra Antolini and Paola Cappuccio come from different experiences but are united by two great objectives: to create good to do good, and express their presonality through pizza.

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