Pasta and crudo restaurants are everywhere. This buzzy S.F. spot shows us why

May 20, 2022 190

Recently, Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg tweeted something so succinct and deathly sharp, it was like a sashimi knife straight to the heart. She wrote out a list of what “every restaurant right now” seems to have as its menu template, including roasted carrots, beet salad, crudo and “cacio e pepe (many forms).” “Every restaurant” means your average hip 21st century North American culinary chill zone, of which we definitely have a plethora in the Bay Area.

It seems you can’t throw a golden beet in San Francisco without hitting a pasta spot that promises to be different from all the other pasta spots, and Itria is definitely one of them. Off the top of my head, I can name a handful of its peer institutions, new and not-so-new, where you can tuck into pasta and raw fish: Penny RomaOne Fish Raw BarPiccoDaytrip, for instance.

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