Kono Pizza aims to reshape Berkeley pizza landscape

Apr 19, 2018 482

Berkeley community members will be able to eat pizza from a cone at 2282 Fulton St. within the next month. Kono Pizza is a chain that offers a variety of cones, or “kones,” that range from traditional pepperoni and chicken parmesan to desserts such as Nutella and cannoli cones. Certain flavors available are also unique to location; for example, the Pennsylvania State University location sells cheesesteak cones.

“We wanted something portable and we wanted to keep the quality of the pizza intact,” said Carlo Ruggiero, co-founder and co-CEO of Kono USA. He added that the cones were a combination of pizza and ice cream, “two favorites from around the world.” Kono Pizza actually originated in Italy in 2004, but Ruggiero and David Ragosa, his business partner, brought it to the United States in about 2013.

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SOURCE: http://www.dailycal.org

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