Cioppino: From San Francisco’s Italians to a National Phenomenon

Nov 03, 2020 284

BY: Antonella Pomilla with Raymond Guarini

“Cioppino is an Italian fish stew or soup using “the catch of the day.” Originating in San Francisco, the touristy Fisherman’s Wharf has it available practically on every menu” says Antonella Pomilla, an Italian-American New Yorker who runs the popular food instagram, Foodgetaboutit.

When asked, Raymond Guarini, Founder of the Italian Enclaves Historical Society (Instagram and Facebook: @Italianenclaves) mentioned that his favorite Cioppino was at a restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf called Scoma’s: “I was in San Francisco, and I received a call from an old friend in New York who had just gotten his own show on primetime television and was calling me to let me know. 

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