Celebration of food & wine at the annual Vigilucci’s ‘Sagra’

Dec 04, 2018 408

BY: Frank Mangio

You’re probably thinking the same thing I thought when I saw the word “Sagra.” Even though I have 100 percent Italian heritage, I wasn’t familiar with a “Sagra,” but it is the perfect Italian description since it means “anniversary festival.” Roberto Vigilucci, (friends and family call him Roby), since 1994 a highly successful restaurateur in North County, opened Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market and Catering in 2014.

It’s located in the Carlsbad Village Restaurant district, next door to one of his Italian full-service restaurants. As our readers know from an earlier column, this was a long time coming for this treasured, many faceted authentic Italian market with its imported deli items, olive oil, wines, fresh pastas, restaurant and full service catering.  

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SOURCE: https://www.thecoastnews.com/

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