We are hiring! The ICCC is looking for a Language School Coordinator

Jul 23, 2015 1048

The Language School Coordinator is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Italian Language School (La Scuola d'Italiano) at the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston (ICCC), ensuring that the school is well-managed and growing in class content and student enrollment. The coordinator must be a dynamic person who will work closely with students, instructors, staff, and Education Committee of the Board to support the ICCC mission to advance, celebrate and preserve Italian culture and heritage.

The coordinator must have near-native Italian language proficiency and experience in teaching a second language. A university degree in linguistics, language arts, or second language acquisition is preferred, in addition to management experience and passion for the ICCC mission. The coordinator must also have excellent people skills. The coordinator must be a leader, a motivator, an educator, a team player, a role model, and a true customer service oriented individual.

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Source: http://www.iccchouston.com/

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