The Montessori Method for All Generations

Jun 12, 2019 1532

When Montessori ONE Academy's Nido (pronounced nee-doe) opens in June 2019, it will be the third of four unique Montessori projects developed along Holly Avenue NE. The first Montessori project developed along Holly Avenue NE was Montessori ONE Academy's preschool program. Built in 2007, Montessori ONE Academy became, and is still, Albuquerque's only Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)-recognized Montessori program.

In 2015, the private school expanded and brought the second Montessori project to Holly Avenue NE with their Elementary program. Just four years later, in June 2019, this award-winning school brings a third Montessori project to completion with the launch of the academy's Nido program. Italian for nest, Montessori ONE's Nido is the first authentic Montessori infant care program in New Mexico and one of only sixteen official Nido programs in the United States.

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