Q&A with 'Fear Friday with Dario Argento' coordinators

Sep 26, 2017 922

The Department of Romance Studies is hosting a film screening series called “Fear Friday with Dario Argento” every Friday until Oct. 30 in the Media Resources Center of the Undergraduate Library. Each screening will feature a movie by Italian horror director Dario Argento, with the last screening featuring John Carpenter’s “Halloween.” Assistant Arts & Entertainment editor Adam Phan spoke with the film series’ coordinators and Italian graduate students, Giorgia Bordoni and Michele Cammelli, about Argento and the horror genre.

The Daily Tar Heel: Where did the idea for “Fear Friday” come from?

Michele Cammelli: We share a passion for director Dario Argento. We watched his films when we were younger. When we watched his films again last year, we felt very impressed by the new ways of making films (and) the beauty of images.

Giorgia Bordoni: And also because Dario Argento inspired many others in U.S. cinema like Romero, Carpenter and Tarantino. The cinema and the idea of cinema of Dario Argento is very original. It’s a novelty. Maybe the idea (for Fear Friday) comes from the desire to present and provide students at UNC with the aesthetics of Argento’s horror films because it’s very particular to find an aesthetical point in horror films.


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