Everyday Wellness: Eat as the Italians do

Mar 13, 2014 842

by Bob LeFavi

Every year, I escort a few dozen Armstrong and Georgia Southern students to Italy to study the healthful aspects of the Italian diet. My colleagues and I always chuckle when, after only the first day of being in Italy, our students turn to us and ask, "Why is everyone so thin here?"

Like many Americans, our students believe what they have experienced as the Italian diet is indeed what Italians eat. In other words, they anticipated seeing Olive Garden meals, only closer to the source. So, they can't fathom how the people they see on the streets of Italy can regularly eat immense plates of fettuccine alfredo, deep-dish, cheese-stuffed pizza, and tiramisu, yet remain thin.

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Source: http://savannahnow.com/

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