Changing perspective

Mar 26, 2018 688

BY: Ashley Copeland

Differences make the world go round. Living in Italy for a semester, Bethany Carideo learned that firsthand. "Some aspects made me appreciate home more, but some things I really appreciate about Italy, too," said Carideo, a McMinn County High School student who recently participated in a foreign exchange student program. "They have such a good aura. I appreciate the family aspect of Italy, but also the space and privacy we give each other here. Some differences, I've learned, are good."

Carideo studied and lived in Perugia, Italy, for four and a half months. She also ran cross country - or as it is known there, "Athletics." In concurrence with growing linguistically, she learned other lessons."I learned how to adapt in general, to ask questions and the importance of asking questions, and I learned how to take care of myself. Really asking questions and adapting to norms were my biggest learning experiences," said Carideo.

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