MC Italian Club Takes a Trip to San Gennaro

Sep 28, 2019 645

BY: Madalyn Johnson

On Saturday, September 21, the Manhattan College Italian Club visited the biggest Italian block party of NYC in no other than Little Italy. Students gathered on one of the last days of the festival to educate themselves on the history of San Gennaro and how it originated all while enjoying the raved, authentic Italian food and free entertainment.

For its 93rd year, New York City closed Mulberry so people could celebrate the patron Saint of Naples through music, carnival games, Italian cuisine, and other lively events. At the beginning of the festival, festival traditions such as “The Blessing of the Stands” took place where a marching band followed a group of Priests who blessed the stands at the San Gennaro festival with Holy Water, wishing upon the people good luck and fulfilling experience. 

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