E' arrivato "Tutti in Classe"! Numero 6!

Apr 07, 2015 597

The recent podcast of school news of the Italian Consulate in Boston has reached the 5th episode by now. Its name is Tuttinclasse! (It means "Go to class!")

It is produced by the Educational Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston and it can be listened on your own cell phone or computer. In just a few minutes, you'll hear last school and culture updates and events in New England.

The news report, hosted by the specialist and professional radio podcaster Emanuele Capoano, is addressed to whom has an interest toward culture and Italian language, to professors and students in schools in New England. It features also a section for students who are learning Italian and they want to improve their skills. Every episode, in this section, current and latest news will be read with a slow and easy timing. Every issue ends with an interview to a personality in the school and academic network.

Tutti in classe can be listened clicking on the icon at the home page www.usicboston.it, in the Consulate's website, or with our APP (if you want to download the App, see the website of the Italian Consulate and of the Educational Office).

Tuttinclasse is the news report of the Educational Office, but it's made also with your news. So, remember, if you have news to share that can be interesting to the world of Italian Language and Culture, write us at tuttinclasseboston@gmail.com and we will publish your event with a great care. - Buon ascolto!

Source: Italian Consulate in Boston

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