From Humanism to Renaissance

May 28, 2021 133

A cycle of 4 lectures by Professor Luigi Ballerini (Emeritus UCLA):

First session: June 4, 6 PM EST

Dante’s Ulysses and Boccaccio’s Guido Cavalcanti: early examples of a renewed concept of VIRTUE. The value of LITERATURE.

Second session: June 11, 6 PM EST

Florentine Humanism – A philological approach to Greek and Latin Texts. The Fall of Constantinople. Cosimo de Medici, patron of the arts.

Third session: June 18, 6 PM EST

Aristoteles: Ethic s and Politics. Leonardo Bruni  

Fourth session: June 25, 6 PM EST

The Council of Constance (1417) – Poggio Bracciolini – The notion of Honest Pleasure Pleasure. A look at Leonardo Strozzi’s and Paolo Veronese’s holy banquets. The Birth of Modern Gastronomy.

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