First student delegation from Copertino, Italy, to Cupertino finds love for roller coasters and hamburgers

Jun 15, 2017 1470


As it turns out, kids from Cupertino and Copertino, Italy, really aren’t so different. The first student delegation from Copertino, Italy—Cupertino’s first sister city—visited the West Valley May 24-June 1. The Cupertino-Copertino relationship began in 1963 when then Cupertino mayor John Benetti visited the Italian town.

The four eighth-grade students from Copertino were Sara Orlando, Francesca Rosafio, Nicolo Francioso and Giuseppe D’Adamo, accompanied by their vice principal Lorena Luperto from San Giuseppe da Copertino school. The students sat in on classes at St. Joseph of Cupertino School and stayed with host families whose children traveled to Copertino last year.

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