Women in Comedy in Italian Theater

Jan 14, 2020 295

2020 marks the 100th birthday of Franca Valeri, the legendary Italian playwright and actress, the first to make a name for herself by writing and doing comedy in Italy. KIT - Kairos Italy Theater - and Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò are celebrating women in comedy with three events: Women in Comedy in Italian Theater (February 11), Women in Comedy in Italian-American Theater (March 10), Women in Comedy: KIT International 10-minute Play Series (April 6).

Lella Costa is an actress, author and writer. Some of her most recent theatrical performances are Human with Marco Baliani, Traviata L’intelligenza del cuore directed by Gabriele Vacis, and Questioni di cuore based on writer Natalia Aspesi correspondence with her readers. Most of her theatrical monologues have been published by Feltrinelli: La daga nel loden (1992), Che faccia fare (1998), In tournée (2004), Amleto, Alice e la Traviata (2008).

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SOURCE: http://www.casaitaliananyu.org

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