Woman celebrates 107th birthday in Southwest Florida

Nov 24, 2019 459

A Fort Myers woman is the epitome of living a long and full life. Anna Natella celebrated her 107th birthday Thursday, surrounded by family and friends. “Couldn't believe my eyes to see all those people we had for the birthday.” Anna celebrated at the Brookdale Senior Living Facility in Fort Myers. She’s been living here for a few years, but living in America for 93.

“I was born in Italy, 1912, and I came to this country I was 13 years old. And I came to Ellis Island, and my father met me there and we went to live in Milburn, New Jersey. Anna says from a young girl she was always a hard worker, being forced out of school to help support her family. “My father says I had to go to work, I didn’t have to go school, I went to work for 10 cents an hour in a factory.”

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SOURCE: https://www.fox4now.com/

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